Kicking off a year of art adventures

Hey there, 
welcome to Art Explorer, a bespoke art firm that works in the intersection of art, education and enterprise. We craft and guide offbeat art experiences in New York City and beyond, collaborate on art projects and share information about exhibitions. Art Explorer is fun and welcoming, but not easily defined; nonchalant about hierarchies and committed to art for its own sake. 

It all started out of passion. Museums have always been the places I go to when I need to wind-up, have a good time, or feel uplifted. But racing around in a scavenger hunt, aiming to glimpse works of art other people have designated as masterpieces, is not my idea of fun. So I came up with the sort of gallery visit I would like to join: in-depth, specialized, and immersive, tailored for curious travelers and lifelong learners – not a “highlights tour”. After all, art speaks for itself.

Expect to see here art reviews, interviews, stories about the art scene in New York city and beyond and updates about our programming. For updates, sign up for our newsletter or keep an eye on Art Explorer’s instagram and Facebook pages. Looking forward to seeing you in 2020!


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