Hey there,
welcome to Art Explorer!

I’m Bruna Shapira and I believe art comes to life when shared and experienced. So I created Art Explorer, a bespoke art firm that works in the intersection of art, education and enterprise. It started as (and it still is) an ongoing enterprise of sorts, which I conceived to pursue projects as diverse as my interests.

I studied Arts Administration at New York University and I’ve always been passionate about art. I’m a former ballerina and a amateur watercolorist. I studied Art History and Communications in college, after a stint in Law School. I’m also a lifelong learner and a bookworm fond of storytelling.

After an award-winning career in major media outlets in Latin America, I transitioned to the art world in 2015. Since then I’ve been working in exciting ventures, from provenance research and museum education to project management and institutional relations in museums like MoMA and Guggenheim as well as galleries and auctions houses in New York City and in my native country of Brazil.

Let’s explore the realm of art together! Drop me a line at info@artexplorer.net